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Parcours curatorial

Commande du Weekend de l’art contemporain 

de Bordeaux

Septembre 2017

Lieux traversés

1.         Collectif 0,100 (performance)

2.         Point de Fuite. Galerie des Étables

3.         Galerie Anne-Laure Jalouneix

4.         Musée des Beaux-arts (jardin)

5.         MAAD

6.         Espace 29

7.         Galerie DX

8.         Galerie Rezdechaussée

Curated Path
Commission for the Weekend de l’art contemporain de Bordeaux
September 2017


"The dérive is defined as a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances" Guy-Ernest Debord

How does the stroll, the wander through ever-changing urban contexts, contribute to one's experience of looking at artworks? Simultaneously, the way we look at the city is shaped and changed by the exhibitions we stroll through and visit. The Path opens up a conversation between 8 artistic projects, their contexts and the walking participants.

Starting from a performance by the Collectif 0,100 reinterpreting an iconic painting in art history will overflow the enclosed space of the exhibition to create a path in the landscape of Bordeaux.
The Path is to be considered as an individual and personal experience, as much with the city streets as with the artworks encountered. To personally experience the works is to exercise one's subjectivity as a viewer. This direct implication promotes a "letting" that favours the inward look. In The Semiotic Challenge, Roland Barthes invites us to vary our daily routes, to go around our habits in order to invest meaning in the city. Like the city, exhibitions are open structures, punctuated by endless juxtapositions. What happens when, in three hours, one passes through eight venues : a performance in the public space, a site-specific installation, four galleries, one institution and one artist-run space?


1. Collectif 0,100 (performance)
2. Point de Fuite. Galerie des Étables
3. Galerie Anne-Laure Jalouneix
4. Musée des Beaux-arts (garden)
5. Musée des Arts Décoratifs et du Design
6. Espace 29
7. Galerie DX
8. Galerie Rezdechaussée

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